Bodywork By Kimberly

Bodywork By Kimberly Massage

I support People who are actively seeking stress and pain management through professional Massage and Bodywork Therapies. I have been developing my massage and bodywork practice for the past 10 years. I originally grew up and trained here on the Central Coast in San Luis Obispo and Big Sur. My technique is unique. I use slow hypnotic movements to create relaxation and unwinding within the mind and body.I have a highly skilled and tranquil touch. I am very well educated in anatomy and can help you understand where your aches and pains come from, or I can just simply melt the day's tension away.

What makes my service Unique? 

My specialty niche is a focus on the deeper soft tissue layers of the body. This technique is called Deep Bodywork and you can read about it through the dedicated page on this website. I work hard to assess the origin from where dense soft tissue (muscle and fascia) has developed.

My outlook as a therapist is: It is not enough to just work in the area in which you FEEL the pain, because the problem could be in a referred location. Most clients come in with chronic issue that will require varied amount of appointments at first to directly address the issue(s); My goal for each client is to reach a point where you need AS LITTLE TREATMENT AS POSSIBLE to be able to continue your lifestyle.

My hope for you on your journey into health and wellness is that I can:

1.) Assist you in bridging a better connection between your Mind and Body.

2.) Teach you ways to find relief on your own time (stretching, heat therapy, posture/body mechanics and more).

3.) Provide a healthy way to cope with any and all kinds of stress.