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Quantum Alignment Technique


Developed by a Chiropractor in Canada, this modality uses specialized devices, created by a pair of Russian Physicists, to bring about instantaneous and profound changes in the body. 

The devices used in this work contain a specific set of vibratory patterns that appear to influence the biological tissues of the body, via the quantum field, to restore health. I am happy to direct you to sources of information on the growing discipline of Quantum Physics but the best way to understand this work, is to book a session and experience it. Below are several ways we use the devices 


Trauma Neutralization Technique (T.N.T)

When tissues of the body experience any level of trauma (from surgeries,infection, accidents, emotional  or physical events) the cells may retain the memory or energetic imprint and then become disconnected from the sensory-motor cortex of the brain. These injuries alter the physiology of the cells and can develop chronic conditions. T.N.T removes the energetic imprint, effectively neutralizing the effects of trauma on the tissue. In some cases rapid change occurs, and with others change gradually arise over the next few weeks. 


Decreasing Acute and Chronic Inflammation

whether you are working with a sports injury or systemic condition- this technique can target inflammation in the joints or at a cellular level and aid in reduction. 


Neural Optimization Procedures
(Connecting to the Brain)

In order for the systems of our body to function excellent, tissues need optimal innervation. This technique swiftly connects whichever tissue is targeted to the sensory-motor cortex of the brain. Think of it like shining a flashlight into the body and illuminating structures more clearly to the brain.

What tissues do we work with? Any. We tend to start with the structures of joints, bones, brain lobes, periosteum, ligaments, tendons, muscles, scar tissue, organs, glands and then more detailed and complex if needed.


Pair Balancing Tissues

What if the root cause of your pain is due to an imbalance in your tissues? Do opposing muscles/joints or left/right brain lobes and nerves work in tandem efficiently? The result from these corrections can be huge.


Balance Acupuncture Meridians

At the confluence of physical and energetic bodies, the acupuncture meridians reflect information about the body's systems. We can use the device to maintain balance within the meridians, chakras and nadis to influence health in the systems of the body.


Emotional Transformation Technique (E.T.T)

This technique is cathartic and transmutes the effects from emotionally traumatic events in the physical body. After an initial series of T.N.T, Neural Optimizing, and pair balancing of different areas of cranium, brain lobes, neck and nerves we work in silent as you recall in your mind a singular traumatic event- no talking is necessary. You will retain the memory of the event but the charge will be lost.


Neuromuscular Re-Education

Impressive results for people who struggle with balance/stability issues. Amazing maintenance for athletes or anyone who wishes to optimally move through space.


Nutritional and Herbal Supplement Considerations

using muscle testing and the QAT devices we can see how your body responds to various substances. As I can not prescribe or diagnose, you are in charge to determine what benefits your body.

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