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Bodywork. Sound.


Semicircle of Crystals

About Me

I have been a professional in Healing Arts for over 18 years. Primarily my focus has been on Massage and Bodywork, but recently I have deepened my practice to use sound in a comprehensive approach to facilate holistic healing. I have a wide range of modalities in my toolbelt that I have studied over the years and have had the fortune to learn from some of the most forward thinkers and leaders in the field.

Health is flow. The process of Healing is becoming unbound.

My Treatments

Neck Massage
Horizontal image of female Reiki therapist holding hands over teenage patient lower back .
Image by Julio Lopez

Massage and Bodywork

Do nothing and receive

Energy Healing

When you are ready to work, and transform.

Sound Journeys

Unique Group Sessions for meditation and relaxation with various healing instruments.

Liquid Ripples





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