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My Story

The Healing Arts is what I know. Introduced to massage at the age of 2, I began my exploration into what it is to help make someone feel good in their body. I exercised massage throughout adolescence and became a professional therapist when I was 17 years old. Through the next 18 years of studying various modalities and working on hundreds and hundreds of bodies I began to deepen my practice into the realm of energy medicine. I am a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and enjoy the level of depth this new modality has added to my practice.

Though I have a range of tools in my toolbelt, I find most of the people guided to my practice fall into a few different categories:


  • Those looking for deep, therapeutic massage

  • Those who hold pain in their body and no amount of western medicine helps. These are usually cases of emotions being held in the tissue, and through a combination of modalities the issues either resolve or at a minimum allow an opening to occur to which then traditional forms of healing and medicine will work.

  • Those who just want to Relax, Release and Rejuvenate.

Buddhist Singing Bowl
Reiki Treatment

My Approach

I listen to the body.

Through an integration of my teachings, my intuition, and a respect for your requests I tailor each session to each person.

I never force tissue in any way, even in my deep tissue modalities there is a way to facilitate therapeutic bodywork without forcing the body. If you are a client who believes "no pain no gain" I am not your therapist. 

My work is like a dance inspired by the ocean and grounded in Tai Chi principles.

The goal of my practice is to help bring awareness in your body. Your body has incredible healing potential and a design to operate with efficiency. Through the conditioning of this life we forget how live with embodiment; my practice aims to bring you back into your body so you can move forward with a more holistic sense of your innate power.


Liquid Ripples





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