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Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning, tuning fork energy work

What Is Biofield Tuning?

 A holistic approach to healing, primarily focused on the body's electric health. All the cells of our bodies are electric, and together they create an electromagnetic field surrounding our physical body. I use tuning forks to detect dissonant vibrations in your field and through simple sound physics, coherent tones from the fork allow the subtle body to come into resonance. 

 Dissonance in our fields happens because of stress events in our timeline. Our fields are reverberating the timeline of our memories. Much like rings of a tree, the further out in the field we go we reach memories from childhood, birth and even beyond; and by contrast the closer to the physical body we are accessing the reverberations of recent events. 

 Whether the dissonance is from traumatic events, chronic stress, or inherited emotional distress the procedure is the same: to bring coherence. This work has potential for profound healing, but it is worth noting there is no psychology aspect to this work. Sessions are performed in a technical way and this modality does not imitate or replace the work of a psychologist or psychiatrist. 

 In my experience the client is expert of whether or not they need or would benefit from this work. People are guided in one way or another and their intuition will be the determining factor for how this work presents in their life. As these statements are oversimplified explanations of the work, I would love to direct you to these resources for more thorough explanations.

Written synopsis in the founder's word:

Video of an Overview of Biofield Tuning:

Video explaining the hypothesis of the work:

I require all clients to have some experience of the work before a private session is booked. There are a few free tunings available online as well as some inexpensive recordings you can purchase through the founder's website.

What does a session look like?

The initial 3 sessions are typically 90mins each in length. You will be lying on a massage table completely clothed. I begin with some introduction of vibration into the body through a few potent points and introducing sound into your field and connecting a secure connection to ground you. The bulk of the work is called "combing the field" and it begins about 6 ft away from the physical body and as I move in and "comb" through your field I will eventually reach back to the mid line of the body where were will have a closing practice an a short debrief of the work that presented.
Overall this is subtle work, and everyone's experience is different especially in the outcome of the work. The most frequent descriptions are feelings of relaxation, openness, feeling light, buzzing, feelings of clarity, and upsurge of energy.

It is important to note there is possibility for detox reactions to occur- just as in any form of manual therapy. This can look like energy fatigue, soreness, headache and cold like symptoms. Most detox reactions are mild but of course there is always potential for outliers. What is important is to know all reactions clear up in a few days and the body feels and experiences the light open movement thereafter.

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