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Massage and Bodywork 

Modalities I have Studied

When you book a massage session with me I aim to tailor the session to best suite your needs. Rarely does one modality work for Everyone and Every goal. All my session work is integrative. Below I provide a list of the training, workshops and types of massage and bodywork I have studied over the years to give you an idea of kinds of tools in my toolbelt. I provide this information also so you can have authority to do your own research and determine if one or more of the listed techniques resonates with you and your needs.  
Sometimes we need focused attention to our pain body, and sometimes we just want to relax and do nothing but receive on the table. 

Advanced Techniques

Deep Bodywork®

From Perry and Johanna Hollman at The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA

A form of deep tissue massage incorporating the essence of Esalen® massage. This kind of massage is very relaxing, therapeutic and high caliber work.  A 90 min session can typically address 2-3 areas of the pain where deep tension is held, while allowing time to incorporate holistic full body strokes.  

Neural Reset Therapy®

From Lawrence Woods

A gentle approach to return muscle tonus to neutral. This is an active practice, meaning the client will be asked to engage in easy motions to assist the therapist in resetting the muscle. Sometimes an electric device may be use to stimulate the tissue. This type of bodywork can be done through clothing.

Coaching the Body™

From Chuck Duff

An efficient blend of Thai Massage and Trigger Point Therapy. The majority of this work is done with a vibration device and putting the client into stretched positions. This practice is goal oriented where each session (or series of sessions) focuses on one broad "issue" of the body. Examples include (but not limited to): Frozen Shoulder, Sciatica, and Knee Pain.

Anatomy Trains®

From Tom Myers

*Important to note I am not a certified Structural Integration Therapist*

I have completed the home study modules of the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration manual techniques for each Myofascial Meridian through their continuing education courses. If you are familiar with Rolfing, this is a successor of the work.

Shiatsu Anma Therapy

From Dr. Kaneko at the Shiatsu Massage School of California

Massage Therapy from Japan that is based on the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sessions are usually preform on a shiatsu mat on the floor with the client fully clothed- some adaptation allow for table work. Use of various techniques like kneading, vibration, shaking, pressing, friction, tapping and more the aim is to stimulate the circulation of ki (vital life force) in the body

To book a session at your home you can contact me

$210 for 90mins

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