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Spinal Flow Technique

Spinal Flow Technique

It's not massage, its not chiropractic; it's hands on healing. Working with the innate wisdom of your body, this modality promotes the flow of your Life Force through the spine to heal blockages created from stress and trauma. 

What is Life Force?

In essence: You.

Some may call it Chi, Prana, or Energy but in science we see it as the grand orchestra that is every moving part inside of you that keeps you ALIVE. The flow of blood, lymph, neural pathways, fascial connections and communication, chemical messengers etc. Everything that is inside of you that is working together allowing you to move, think, and feel. 
The premise of this work is to increase the flow of those moving parts inside of your spine to promote optimal wellbeing throughout your body.

What is a Spinal Blockage?

As we go through life we encounter stress. The way the body deals with stress is contraction, and primarily in the spine. The brain, spinal chord, and heart are the most important organs/tissues required to be alive, so the body will adapt in every way possible to protect this parts. As a result of encountering stress, layers of tension form from the contractions. As time goes by and more layers develop, blockages occur along the spine. 

Imagine for a minute the spinal cord like a garden hose, and the information traveling from the brain out to the nerves of the body was the water inside the garden hose. if there is a kink in the hose there is a diminished amount of flow at the end of the hose. and so too, when we have spinal blockages there is a diminished amount of life force flowing the the various connected areas of our bodies. The end result of this blockage shows up as symptoms in the body and in health. 

Layers of stress?

Layers of stress are either Physical, Chemical or Emotional.

Physical stress is the result of physical impact to the body. this can be from injuries, poor posture, accidents, repetitive strain and more

Chemical Stress stores in the spine when the body's natural ability to detox is not running optimally. This kind of stress can come from many different sources such as allergies, prescription medicine, drugs and alcohol, pesticides, hormones, excess sugar etc, etc. normally our bodies are excellent at detoxification but sluggish health can impact the storage of an excess of chemicals in the body- resulting in a layer of tension on the spine.

Emotional stress is the result of hiding, harboring, or unexpressed emotions in the body. This layer can be tricky for some to grasp. It is vital to understand the nervous system does not understand the difference between a tiger running at your and a loved one yelling at you- it just understand how to contract and protect itself. To fight or flight or rest and digest.  Emotional stress exists separate from the psychological process. E-motions are E(nergy) in Moition. the destiny of every emotion is to be expressed and if any part of that vibration is not fully expressed (due to lack of safe space)the energy becomes stuck- and primarily in the spinal chord. 

What does a session look like?

We begin with an assessment of your spine and an intake of your health. These appointments are done in private one on one setting. the purpose of these appointments is for your to become aware of areas in your body that are lacking flow, and bridge the connection between what your symptoms are and where they are originating from. From here we develop a schedule of how often you will receive healing session and when we will reassess your spine and health.

Healing sessions are done either privately or in group setting. You remain fully clothed (but without shoes) lying face down on a massage table. I will use light touch along the spine, primarily at the base and along the cranium to bring awareness for your nervous system to wake up and get to work healing itself. 

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